Primark Roma Maximo Store, Rome, Italy

Voice evacuation, high-quality music capabilities and heightened customer experience


Primark Roma Maximo is the newest of the Primark stores in Italy and has been set up for the capabilities to play music in high-quality with dedicated content in different areas of the store for the purpose of further improving the overall In-store experience of all customers.

The New Primark Store situated inside the Maximo Shopping Center is a large retail shop benefiting from multiple music zones enabling broadcasting of various contents throughout the 2 retail levels.

Through its partners from Phoebus S.p.A as project partner, to JH Internacional as engineers and Mood Media UK as InStore Media Provider, TOA had the task to implement an all-in-one fully integrated system for convenient Public Address (PA) in everyday operations, high-quality sound to create an enjoyable atmosphere for customers and Voice Evacuation to keep people safe in case of emergency.

The first priority was to implement a system zoned in accordance to the requirements and capable of EN54 evacuation. All zones had to be broken down into smaller zones to cover the specific requirements. The system had to be designed so that different contents from the dedicated players could be broadcasted in different areas of the store. In total over 100 speakers were installed.